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Water for Good - (Formerly ICDI) (
Water solution implementers and community development practitioners
working in central Africa. (RCA & DRC) Manage all Africa operations and 100+
international staff. Provide visionary leadership for the organization on both sides of the ocean. Direct the strategic planning for the Executive teams & Board. Responsible for on time delivery of roughly US$ 3 Million worth of water projects annually, including over 1000 wells under regular contract maintenance in Africa. Interface with philanthropic and
corporate partners. Build structure, teams and implementation of the organization’s
development & fundraising program. Lead the strategic restructuring, re-branding, and next-level expansion initiatives of the organization. Work with government ministries and global agencies in Africa including UNICEF, USAID, World Bank, etc.

Chief Executive Officer
2014 - Present
Chief Operations Officer
2011 - 2014
Senior Consultant
2009 - 2010

Selected Accomplishments
Incubated the Central African Republic’s first well drilling business. Brokered / Managed over $US 25 M of water projects in CAR. Built / Managed the country’s only
enterprise-based water sustainability business, servicing 1000 water points at over 90% pump functionality rates. Represented and negotiated the firm with governments,
foundations, UN Agencies, NGOs, and donors from around the globe


A consultancy I pioneered to locate, leverage, and scale high impact social ventures.
(US, Canada, Africa, France)

Founder and Principal
1991 - Present


Investable aligns and connects founders and funders. We show up every day to solve one of the biggest problems in business: Investment is mostly guesswork. Working with the business Investable owners to launch a parallel nonprofit initiative as part of their social
impact strategy that will both enhance their business and their social objectives.
Startup and Marketing Advisor & Launch Executive Director
March 2019 - Present

Selected Accomplishments
Worked with legal to map out launch strategy
Provided launch, marketing and funding playbooks


A 50 year old association of American Muslim physicians. Working with the board & senior leadership to transition the institution from a membership association to an impact focused relief & development nonprofit.

Senior Consultant / Interim Executive Director
April 2017 – Feb 2019

Selected Accomplishments
Designed and delivered the IMANA “next 50 years” strategic plan.
Hired to interim-Executive Director to build and deliver succession plan.
Strategic restructuring of IMANA Medical Relief and global relief agency

( (
Startup of the dot org with the founders of Ushahidi, iHub Nairobi, and BRCK
(Nairobi, Kenya) Working with TED Fellows Juliana Rotich and Erik Hersman, founders of the innovative company BRCK to get great technology into the hands of those who need it most.

Managing Director
January 2017 – June 2018

Selected Accomplishments
Provided strategic planning, market research and startup advisory to the company owners and investors. Launched


( (
Design, manufacture, and commercialization of high social impact renewable energy
products for emerging markets. (Accra, Ghana) I was part of designing and vetting out the strategy used to transition from TIFIE Humanitarian (NGO) to the creation of the Point
Innovate initiative which grew out of the sale of the Goal Zero company to NRG in 2014.

Advisor to CEO & Managing Director
2011 - 2015

Selected Accomplishments
Provided strategic direction resulting in launch of Point Innovate in Ghana.
Managed government, foundation and corporate relationships
Strategy, leadership and program assessment and advisory.


( (
Matt Damon’s water charity created to provide funding to water solution provider NGOs in Africa. (Zionsville, Indiana). Designed and managed the charitable component of the
Running the Sahara expedition and film project. Provided management of corporate
partnerships (National Geographic, PepsiCo, Ethos Water/Starbucks, J M Eagle, E P
Martin, Mission Products, Whole Foods, etc.). Directed philanthropic partnerships and
oversaw NGO partner project design and implementation in the field (Charity Water,
Millennium Promise, UNDP, One X One, Orfalea Family Foundation, A Glimmer of Hope Foundation, Tides Foundation, Geneva Global, Water Partners International, Living Water International, Ryan’s Well Foundation, etc.). Managed fund raising, donor experience, grant making, project assessment and evaluation, and a variety of other partnerships. Managed web site, branding, and media communications. Managed the H2O Africa – Water Partners merger, creating the new organization,, announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009. Provided professional philanthropic services and management to the creative
startup of the initiative. Provided management support to all of the organization’s
philanthropic and project partnerships through entrepreneurial launch phase.
Launch Executive Director
2006 -2009

Selected Accomplishments
$4.75 Million raised, $3 Million in partner matches, for a total of $7.75 Million in water projects in Africa. Partnered for roughly 500 water projects in 7 different African countries benefiting hundreds of thousands of people. Oversaw the ($1.75 Million) Millennium Village in Toya, Mali with Earth Institute’s Millennium Promise.

The Biotechnology for Sustainable Development in Africa Foundation (
A Canadian organization focused on African development through the creation of a fair
trade medicinal plant industry. (Montréal, Qc.) Designed and managed the blended value startup of the nonprofit (The BDA Foundation) and the corporate entity (Pharm African) a biopharmaceutical company. Directed and participated in the fundraising activities of the foundation, as well as investor relations for the for profit. Provided management of donor partnerships (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, WWF, Lundin for Africa, Banro Corp, etc.). Provided management and coordination with DRC educational and governmental partners. Represented BDA with Congolese government, and oversaw development of agribusiness programs in Kinshasa and at remote sites in country. Directed BDA employees, and travelled to represent BDA and broker business, governmental, and philanthropic partnerships in the US, Canada, Europe, and Africa (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Word Health Organization, World Food Programme, Canadian and American Embassies, various Congolese government ministries, Jesuits of Central Africa, etc.).
Led and participated in fundraising strategy and represented the organization
internationally with donors, governments, and program partners. Provided philanthropic services and management for BDA and Pharm African during the entrepreneurial launch phase.Directed US, Canada, Europe, and DRC partnership creation, resulting in the educational scientific programs rolled out in DRC.

Launch Executive Directior and Chief Visionary Officer
2006 -­ 2008

Selected Accomplishments
Member of the BDA Foundation board that included the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada, and M. Réjean Frenette, Canadian Ambassador to the Democratic
Republic of Congo. Won first prize at the SME Innovation Competition for the BDA
Foundation’s “Triple Bottom Line” innovative business model. Launched the first ever African medicinal plant agri-business training program in partnership with the Institut Supérieure Agro-Vétérinaire and the University of Kinshasa in DRC.


A network of community-based civil society projects.
(Québec City, Québec, Canda) Designed the NGO’s original vision and strategy. Served as CEO of the network for twelve years, and directed the civil society initiatives in Québec and Africa. Managed all elements of the startup including: development and fundraising of the annual operating budget, leadership team creation and training, and community
nonprofit initiatives. Chief architect of the public-private partnerships focused on
integration of Rwandan genocide victims in Québec. Raised annual operating budget and managed capital campaigns and major gift work for the organization. Directed all aspects of the organization’s philanthropic and project partnerships. Generated vision and leadership for the social service projects sponsored by the organization.

Founder and Executive Director
1992 - 2005

Selected Accomplishments
Managed the youth serving educational network for Québec City
Created Developing Capable Young People Québec, a youth-serving educational nonprofit and The Centre for Immigrant Social Services, and organization designed to solve
problems faced by Africans displaced to Canada as well as assist them in creating
innovative remittance-based projects in Eastern Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda. Assisted in creating and managing an educational leadership development network active in over 20 different countries.

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