A Canadian organization focused on African development through the creation of a fair-trade medicinal plant industry. (Montréal, Qc.)

Selected Accomplishments:
  • Member of the BDA Foundation board that included the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, former Prime Minister of Canada, and M. Réjean Frenette, Canadian Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Won first prize at the SME Innovation Competition for the BDA Foundation’s “Triple Bottom Line” innovative business model.
  • Launched the first-ever African medicinal plant agri-business training program in partnership with the Institut Supérieure Agro-Vétérinaire and the University of Kinshasa in DRC.

Designed and managed the blended value start-up of the non-profit (The BDA Foundation) and the corporate entity (Pharm African) a biopharmaceutical company.

Directed and participated in the fundraising activities of the foundation, as well as investor relations for the for-profit. Provided management of donor partnerships (Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, WWF, Lundin for Africa, Banro Corp, etc.).

Provided management and coordination with DRC educational and governmental partners.

Represented BDA with Congolese government, and oversaw development of agri-business programs in Kinshasa and at remote sites in country.

Directed BDA employees, and travelled to represent BDA and broker business, governmental, and philanthropic partnerships in the US, Canada, Europe, and Africa (United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Word Health Organization, World Food Programme, Canadian and American Embassies, various Congolese government ministries, Jesuits of Central Africa, etc.).

  • Led and participated in fundraising strategy and represented the organization internationally with donors, governments, and program partners.
  • Provided philanthropic services and management for BDA and Pharm African during the entrepreneurial launch phase.
  • Directed US---Canada---Europe---DRC partnership creation, resulting in the educational---scientific programs rolled out in DRC.


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